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Dr Salts+ Calming Therapy contains 100% natural Epsom salts with a soothing and relaxing blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Lemongrass essential oils to calm and relax the mind and body as you prepare for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Soak, unwind and experience the following therapeutic benefits:

+ Calms and relaxes the mind and body

+ Eases muscle aches and pains

+ Relieves stress and tension

+ Promotes a good night’s sleep.

Bring the therapeutic benefits of the Epsom Salts into your own bathroom and recover from the stresses and strains of your day in a way you can physically feel.


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For a bath, add 3 to 4 handfuls of salt to a warm bath (approximately 100g – 150g). For concentrated use (for severely aching muscles), add half the contents of this pack. Soak and relax for 20 minutes before rinsing throughout.

Magnesium Sulfate, Parfum, Limonene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Linalool, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom Salts, otherwise known as pure Magnesium Sulfate, were first extracted from the mineral waters in the town of Epsom in Surrey, UK. For many years they have been trusted to help alleviate aches and pains and clear away impurities from the body. Bathing in Epsom Salts not only helps to rebalance the skin and muscles but helps to promote and restore wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Calming Therapy with Lavender Epsom Salt?

The benefits are:

+ Calms & relaxes mind and body,

+ Relieves strains & tension

+ Promotes a good night’s sleep.

How long should I soak in Calming Therapy Bath Salts?

We recommend soaking in Epsom Sea Salts for at least 20 minutes, twice a week.

Are the Dr Salts Calming Therapy Bath Salts vegan?

Dr Salts Calming Therapy Bath Salts are:

+ 100% Vegan

+ 100% Natural

+ 100% Cruelty-Free

+ Premium grade salts with high levels of magnesium

+ Sourced and cleansed using a natural cleaning process

Is Dr Salts packaging recyclable?

Unfortunately, at present, our pouches/bags are sadly not recyclable. However, finding a recyclable packaging option for our products is one of the top priorities for Dr Salts. Our sourcing and packaging experts have been searching for environmentally friendly packaging alternatives however, biodegradable and recycled plastic pouches have unfortunately failed testing due to the strength and quality of essential oils contained in our bath salts.

Rest assured we have not given up! We are continuing to explore other environmentally friendly packaging options for our salts, as we endeavor to become a more sustainable brand and move away from using plastic as soon as we can find a suitable alternative.

In the meantime,  we are pleased to tell you that our new design Bath & Shower Gels bottles are made of 50% recycled plastic and are recyclable. If you wonder why only 50% recycled material, this is due the high demand of the material.  Our aim is to move to 100%  recycled plastic bottles as soon as there is enough supply.