Top 5 Summer Health Tips

There’s no denying that the summer heatwave has been hugely beneficial for our Vitamin D levels, general well-being and helping us to step away from our screens. But did you know that keeping healthy during summer also involves tweaking our daily routine and adapting to the weather?

We’ve shared our top 5 summer health tips to ensure you stay at your very best below.


We bombard you with this all the time, but when the temperature soars you must keep yourself hydrated. Your body works even harder when it’s warmer outside, so drinking water will help to not only prevent dehydration and sun stroke, but also avoid any additional strain on your body.

Our advice? Drink 8 glasses of water a day to prevent illness, keep muscles and bones healthy, and help maintain your weight. To keep your brain engaged, water is the fuel you need to keep you going!


Summer also means that fresh produce is more accessible, but this will spoil quicker in the heat – so you’ll have to be quick! Head down to your local farmers market and see which fresh fruit and vegetables you can get for some natural, healthy, vitamin packed treats.

When on holiday, there are endless exotic fruits to explore and try with your feasts. So, get some natural goodness and try something new!


Working, exercising and traveling in this heat can be stifling, especially if you’re outside in the glaring sun. So, make sure you keep cool and aim for shade as much as possible.

Take more time to cool down in an air-conditioned place on your commute home and don’t push yourself as hard during your outdoor work-out. Be sensible with what you can achieve and try to support your body coping with this heat – this will reduce the risk of sun stroke, heat stroke or general dizziness.


Now, this really is important…wearing sun cream is crucial to keep your skin healthy. This is equally as important if you’re chilling in your local park or on holiday. Even in shaded areas, it’s highly recommended to choose a sun cream which is suitable for your skin type and to understand what SPF your skin needs.

SPF is the number on the pack which states how long it’s safe to stay outside in the sun for before reapplying, in comparison to the length of time you’d sit outside without protection on and get sun burnt. So, choose a sun cream which reflects where you are and always reapply throughout the day.


Sweating is beneficial for our skin, but excessive or increased sweating in clothes which aren’t designed for it, such as cotton or suit style clothing, isn’t good for your skin. Cleansing and washing skin in either a cold or warm shower is crucial to keep your biggest organ in tip-top condition.

Our range of shower gels not only smell incredible, but they also utilise the power of Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Salts to provide you with a natural solution to cleansing skin. Each shower gel is packed with minerals and vitamins, tailored to help detoxify your skin and give muscles the nutritional boost they deserve.

The perfect treat for skin which is working extra hard in the summer months to keep you healthy!

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