The best views of the London Marathon

On Sunday 22nd April the legendary London Marathon will take place in the capital, where thousands will descend on the city to celebrate and take part in the 26.2 mile course.

The race will also be extra special, as this is the first year the Queen will officially start the race from Windsor Castle.

Whether you’re watching for fun or cheering on your best friend whose trained for months, we’ve created a list of the best places to watch the Marathon from:

Mile 3:

The start of the race at Blackheath would be an amazing place to watch the race from, but as there is limited spectator places to stand, it’s not recommended to head over in that direction. We suggest heading to mile 3 near Woolwich Arsenal, where you can feel the real buzz of the start of the race.

Mile 6:

Mile 6 is a fantastic but very popular place to watch the Marathon from as you can take in the sites, such as the Cutty Sark and the Christopher Wren Naval College, whilst waiting for the runners to trek past. As this is a high-profile spot, try to arrive as early as possible and plan your route. As all roads will be closed, double check your public transport services in advance to avoid any disappoint.

Mile 12:

London Bridge is one of the most popular and crowded locations to watch the London Marathon from – and with good reason. It’s an iconic landmark in the city and is in the centre of mile 12 near the half-way mark. Make sure you get there early!

Mile 13:

At mile 13, The Highway, you get to see the runners twice as the course doubles back on itself, so it’s the perfect location to see some great action and help encourage the runners. It’s also the halfway mark of the course, so the runners will need some cheers from the crowd to get them through the second half of the race.

Mile 24:

Mile 24 is a great position to capture the runners as they emerge from the Blackfriars Underpass. Also, if you’re lucky you might spot the famous sports stars who man the Lucozade drinks station.

Mile 25:

The Embankment is always a great place to set up camp for the day, especially as you can easily spot family and friends coming towards the end of the run – all with a backdrop of the historic and world-renowned London skyline. You can watch the runners covering the length of the river and then heading towards the final mile.

Mile 26:

And last, but definitely not least, The Mall will have an amazing atmosphere and view of the London Marathon. With the air full of adrenalin and euphoria, you are bound to be caught up in the race as you cheer on runners at the final mile of the Marathon to the finish line, with of course, Buckingham Palace in full view.

Wherever you choose to watch the London Marathon from, it will be extremely busy. So, try to plan your travel route as early as possible and have fun.

Photo credit: The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon website

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