Shopping Guide for the athlete in your life

Unsure of what to buy the athlete in your life this Christmas? Then we can help!

We’ve written some suggestions below to help you choose the perfect present this festive season.


From weight training to endless reps on the rowing machine, the gym goer needs a present which can easily be tied into their fitness routine, but can also help them recover ready for the next session.

So why not give them our gym bag essential? Our Dr SALTS+ Recharge & Stimulate Shower Gel combines 100% natural Dead Sea Salts with an organic extract of reviving Black Pepper and an invigorating blend of Basil extract, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint for the ultimate daily boost. This stimulating combination aids detoxification and leaves skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – great after a heavy work out.

For a deeper treatment, our Post Work-Out Bath Salts contains 100% Epsom Salts and rejuvenating Black Pepper extract to aid in the relief of muscle strain and tension – the perfect recovery after exercise. By soaking in the bath salts for 20 minutes, it can help to soothe muscular aches, pains and helps replenish the body with minerals after intense exercise.


Did you know that yoga is one of the oldest physical disciplines in existence? Originating 5,000 years ago from India, yoga is more than just a fad. Not only does it help to strengthen muscles and improve posture, but it’s also a technique used to help reduce stress and relax from everyday life.

With this in mind, our Detox Therapy Bath Salts are perfect for your yoga fanatic. Made with 100% Himalayan Bath Salts and reviving Lotus Flower extract, these bath salts help to deeply cleanse the skin and body for a healthy life style. Packed full of natural minerals (84 to be precise!) bathing in our Detox Therapy bath salts helps to draw out toxins and reduce fluid retention and stimulates circulation.

You can also add our Dr SALTS+ Himalayan Bath & Shower Gel as a bath soak, to help soothe muscles and calm the mind and body.


From park runs to marathons, any long distance runner knows they need a perfect recovery programme to help them conquer their next run. They need products which help to soothe muscular tension after a long period of time and work with your muscles to help keep them replenished and nurtured, ready for the next run.

Our Muscle Therapy range has been created to soothe muscle aches and pains. Each product in the range combines the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea and pure eucalyptus essential oil to relax tired muscles and detoxify / rebalance skin. To help with general muscular pains or targeted areas, choose between our:

For a post-run therapeutic treatment to help them recover quicker, improve mood, relieve stress, encourage healthy skin tissue and aid detoxification.


It’s been scientifically proven that exercise can help you to de-stress due to the increase of endorphins released during working out. It also gives you an allotted amount of time to switch off from the world and concentrate on you. Whether it’s a body pump class, a weekend hike or 20 minutes on the exercise bike, the stress exerciser needs something which can help them unwind and tune out of the matrix for just a little bit longer.

Our Sleep Therapy Bath Salts with Lavender can do just that. After a great work-out, just run a bath and let the Dead Sea salts and Lavender extract oils do the rest. Combining the two ingredients together, these bath salts can help to calm and relax the mind and body – perfect for a deeper night’s sleep. Due to the high mineral content of the Dead Sea Salts, they are a great aid in easing muscle tension & helping relaxation as well. Whilst the added Lavender essential oil helps to calm and relax the mind and body to promote a better night’s sleep.

If you know they don’t have a bath though, our Relax Therapy Bath & Shower Gel with Rose combines 100% natural Dead Sea Salts with organic extracts of Chamomile, Linden Blossom, Lavender and a blissful Rose scent, to provide you with the ultimate sense of relaxation for your mind and body.

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