Optimise your ‘rest day’

Even though it may not seem important, rest days are needed to help with your training and should be factored in as part of any exercise regime.

It doesn’t mean you’re cheating or slacking off though, having a break gives your body and mind the opportunity to fully recover and grow. Taking a rest day also allows your body to absorb the training you have been doing, and you may see a fitness boost following a day of rest.

But there are a few things you can do to ensure that you make the most from your rest days, and assist your body in recovery before exercising again.

Stretch it out

Stretching isn’t just for yoga-fanatics, and is crucial for helping muscles to grow as part of your workout regime. It’s also flexing your muscles without adding strain caused in high intensity workouts, helping recovery and rehabilitation. Rest days let muscles grow and re-cooperate, so stretching will aide them in this process.

Maintain your protein

Even though you’re not working out, you still need to maintain the same levels of protein to ensure your efforts haven’t been wasted the day before. Research shows your body’s ability to utilise protein to help build muscle, remains in the system 24 hours after your workout. Your rest day is likely to be following a sweat session, so maintaining protein will work your muscles in the background on your rest days.

Relax your muscles

A hot bath is the perfect solution for relaxation and has even been scientifically tested to see if it’s as beneficial to us as exercise. Our Muscle Therapy Bath Salts have been specifically created to work alongside a hot bath, to harness the high concentration of natural minerals found in Dead Sea Salts, combined with the invigorating benefits of Eucalyptus & Rosemary to help aid muscle recovery & ease tension. Potassium in the bath salts energises the body, helps to balance the skin’s natural moisture levels and is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise.

Keep hydrated

Ensuring you drink enough water can be difficult on a good day, let alone after an intense exercise session. Drinking plenty of water is a necessity for a proper recovery and keeping hydrated lets your body function as optimally as possible. It not only will increase the success of your workout, but subsequently ensure water lost through sweat and intense exercise is replaced and ready for the next work out session.

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