Mindfulness and health

As well as your physical health, it’s important to talk about and take time to concentrate on your mental health as well. This will be a massive contributing factor to your overall well-being and helping to achieve personal goals.

One way of doing this is adopting and looking into mindfulness.

But what is it?

Mindfulness is the adoption and practise of focusing your attention on the present moment – and accepting it without judgement. With the digital age upon us, it makes it difficult, but scientists claim that mindfulness is a key element to reduce stress and increase overall happiness.

Where has it come from?

Mindfulness stems from religious roots such as Buddhism and has been adopted for use in meditation and yoga. The increase of people looking into mindfulness has grown rapidly in recent years, as people are searching for ways to cope with the complications, challenges and struggles of everyday modern life. With stress being a huge contributing factor to long-term illness and mental health, people are using mindfulness as a way of helping to multi-task and manage their work/life balance.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to adopting mindfulness, but the most common benefits are:

  1. Helps to decrease stress – This is the most popular benefit of mindfulness as it helps to improve your emotion regulation
  2. Enhance ability to deal with life changes – From illness to trauma, mindfulness has proven to help people manage the stress of big life changes and make it more manageable
  3. Improve general health – Beyond the many mental health benefits of mindfulness, it can also improve your general health

How can I adopt mindfulness?

You don’t have to make big changes in your life to adopt mindfulness. You just need to absorb what is happening in the moment. For example, leaving work on time and letting go of the day can feel impossible, but this can have an adverse effect on your energy levels and how you spend your evenings. Planning activities, scheduling time with family and friends or finding a hobby which you enjoy and enables your body to settle, will help calm you and allow you to switch off.

Taking half an hour of your day, or more, to have a bath is another way to incorporate mindfulness into your life. Our Relax Therapy Bath Salts and Bath & Shower Gel with Rose can be used in a warm bath to help relax the mind and body. This will help to alleviate everyday stresses and concentrate your mind on the here and now. Containing 21 different types of minerals, the Dead Sea bath salts will also help maintain heathy skin and give it the detox it deserves.

Whatever works for you, give it ago and see how mindfulness can help you in everyday life.

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