Healthy Food Swaps with Mindful Chef

To help you on your health & wellness journey this January, we’ve teamed up with Mindful Chef to help make a few healthy food swaps so that you’re properly nourished & fuelled for whatever 2018 throws at you.


“Nutrient deficiencies are fairly common in todays society due to a poor overall diet (too much processed food and not enough vegetables) or from following calorie restricted diets. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in normal physical functions and cannot be made by the body. “
– Myles Hopper, Mindful Chef Co-founder

If you’ve started a new exercise regime or are simply looking to detox, what you eat is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Overhauling your diet is a daunting process but to eat well, sometimes its just a case of making a few changes.

Below are a few easy swaps you can make to your diet to increase your vitamin & mineral intake without going hungry!

Three Healthy Food Swaps:

When it’s cold outside, we often want to turn to comfort food and this often means processed, starchy carbs.

Mashed potato is always a guilty pleasure but how about swapping white potato with sweet potato or butter beans?  It’s an easy low-carb alternative that provides more nutrition & is lower on the glycemic index.

Rice is also a popular choice at dinner time but white rice lacks the same levels of nutrition that wild rice or brown rice can provide. If you really don’t like those alternatives, try swapping white rice with a veggie alternative such as cauliflower or brocoli. Simply grate the cauliflower & slightly steam for a couple of minutes to get a delicious & filling substitute.

In the mood for some noodles? Courgettes or sweet potato can be spiralized to make a fantastic alternative. They work particularly well as a swap for wheat noodles in ramen style soups or courgetti is a good swap for spaghetti if you’re fond of pasta!

For more ideas, watch the video below or visit

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We hope this helps with your New Year goals – tell us more about your tips for better wellbeing & a healthy lifestyle in the comments below!

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