Five benefits of having a hot bath

In our busy everyday lives, it can be difficult to find 5 minutes of peace – let alone half an hour of relaxation time. But taking that break can have a huge positive impact on yourself and those around you.

We’ve listed below five benefits of scheduling 30 minutes of your day (or more) to have a hot bath, and why it isn’t a waste of time.

A hot bath could have similar benefits to exercise

A recent study has revealed that an hour-long soak in hot water produced similar anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses as 60 minutes of moderate physical activity. It is still in the preliminary stages, but the report explains how activities which increase heat shock proteins may help to improve blood sugar control and offer an alternative to exercise.

Helps you sleep better

Not only does having a bath relax you, but it has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better. According to a 1997 study by New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, if you soak in a warm bath your temperature of course rises, but the shock cool-down afterwards helps to relax you, as our bodies temperature naturally dips at night time. If you have a bath two hours before bed, the cool-down will help you have a deeper sleep.

Can help muscle / chronic pain

The most common benefit of having a bath is helping reduce muscle pain as well as chronic pain. The heat from the bath acts as a hot pack, increasing the temperature of aching muscles to block pain sensors and producing pain relief. Salts within warm waters also helps reduce swelling in cells, by dehydrating them and acts as an inhibitor of the inflammation that causes chronic pain.

Cares for your blood and immunity

A warm bath can help make the blood flow easier through the body as it allows more oxygen to be taken in as you breathe deeper and slower – especially when breathing in steam. It’s warm temperature can also kill bacteria and improve your body’s immune system, helping to relieve symptoms such as a cold and flu.

Helps hydrate the body

As our body is mostly made up of water, keeping it hydrated and moisturised has endless health benefits internally and externally. Bath water and steam is a great way to ensure hydration gets to all areas of the body. Adding bath salts can enhance this as the natural minerals within the salts can help to cleanse and moisturise the body.

Our Dr SALTS+ Relax Therapy range is perfect for this, as it combines the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea and pure rose essential oil, helping to relax tired muscles, relieve stress and improve mood.

Schedule in a bath this week and try our Dr SALTS+ Relax Therapy salts – the perfect way to help you de-stress and relax your mind, body and soul.

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