How To Detox in Winter

There’s no doubt that when we’re extra busy it is all too easy to stop eating nutrient rich foods and neglect that gym membership. A classic time of year for getting run down is Winter with Christmas, New Year celebrations and there is also the cold weather to contend with and the annual onslaught of bugs and flu.

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Rather than tell you all the obvious reasons for feeling less than 100%, we’re champions of balance and believe that a few little changes are all you need to help start feeling your best.

  1. Get walking

Ok, so getting up for that early morning run is much harder when it’s dark until 8am but don’t let good habits of an active summer slide entirely. Avoid the routine of car – desk- car – sofa and embrace the outdoors. Walking is a great thing to do with the family at weekends or even on a lunch break to help shrug off the winter blues. Take some time to explore your local countryside or park, or simply do a few laps around a Christmas market. Just get up & move for at least half an hour each day.

2. Make a healthy breakfast

Office lunches & evening drinks can put a spanner in the works when it comes to a healthy diet but one meal you usually have more control over is breakfast and they don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing!

If you’ve had more alcohol, salt & sugar than usual, try starting the day with a bowl of oats with fresh berries or avocado & toast to help reenergise. Keep the fridge well-stocked with wholesome snacks too so you aren’t tempted to reach for the Toblerone!

3. Less caffeine, more water!

It’s an obvious one but many people still aren’t taking on enough H2O. This is even more important when coupled with more caffeine & alcohol than usual and let’s face it, who doesn’t  like to warm up with a coffee or mulled wine when it’s freezing outside!

You’ve probably been told before to make sure you fill a glass of water first thing on your desk & set yourself a target to drink it all by a certain time but if that still isn’t working, then try this. Make the simple switch from caffeinated tea or coffee, to hot water, fresh ginger & lemon. These ingredients will not only help to keep you better hydrated but they are also rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants which will help keep common colds & coughs at bay and help aid digestion.

4. Make some time for you

It’s easy to get caught up running around after everyone else or accepting every single invitation and wearing yourself out. This can effect you mentally and physically so make time at least once a week to take an hour for yourself to recharge. Switch off all screens so you aren’t distracted by emails, tv or texts. Then read a few chapters of your favourite book, listen to some music that makes you feel good or run yourself a hot bath with our mineral rich bath salts to help revive you. Our Relax Therapy range is perfect for boosting your mood while drawing out toxins.

5. Don’t wait for January! 

Making these small changes can have a positive impact but there’s no reason to wait until January & then overhaul you’re entire lifestyle! It’s easy to put it off & start later but good habits rarely stick if they are big changes so make the first little change today.

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