Benefits of exercising outdoors

With a summer full of fun sporting events (and amazing UK weather!) there’s no better excuse or time to take your exercise regime into the great outdoors.

From exploring new places to meeting new people, there are many benefits to exercising outside and we’ve highlighted a few below.

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

With sunny weather, it seems a shame to be holed up in the gym running on a treadmill. Outdoor exercise is a great way to get some serious Vitamin D through sunlight and it doesn’t need to be a burning hot day either to give you a top-up. To keep your Vitamin D levels at optimum during the warmer months, you need to do 5 to 30 minutes of exercise twice week, so that could be a park run or swimming in the sea a few times a week to suit your schedule.

Immune System Boost

There’s been a lot of research into how exercising outdoors, especially in forests, can help to boost your immune system. The cleaner and less polluted air outdoors helps cellular activity to build-up your immune system post exercise, to fight off colds, flus and other infections. A magnesium bath benefits the immune system post exercise also, due to its ability to encourage healthy skin tissue and aid detoxification. So bathing in Dead Sea Salts or showering with our Muscle Therapy Shower Gel can help the boosting of your immune system post outdoor exercise.

You’ll Feel Happier

Unfortunately we can’t prove that exercising outdoors will make you lose weight or tone up quicker, but it can give you a positive mental boost and increase your overall happiness. Your mind responds better to being in the outdoors which in return, makes you want to workout harder. According to a report in Environmental Science and Technology, exercising outside creates a greater feeling of revitalisation, positive thinking and energy.

Low Cost

Did you know British people waste a staggering £558 million a year on unused gym memberships – with more than 1 in 10 people saying they hadn’t stepped foot inside their gym for a whole year? And how much does it cost to go for a run around your local park? Nothing!

Increases Self-Confidence

Staring at the calorie counter on the exercise bike can be slightly soul destroying, but once that’s gone and you’re purely concentrating on the exercise itself, you can feel yourself working out for longer, with the focus being on how you feel rather than numbers. If you’d rather try to hit your PB, then this might not be as beneficial. But if you’re purely looking to get fit healthily, taking your exercise outdoors can help you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your trainers and go!

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