Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

There’s a reason you can find Eucalyptus Oil in all types of medicines and products in the pharmacy, including sore throat remedies, mouthwashes, creams and more.

Made from the leaves of the evergreen Eucalyptus Tree, our love of Eucalyptus Oil is centred around its ability to help the body stimulate immunity, provide anti-oxidant protection and help support respiratory circulation.

We’ve highlighted just a few benefits of Eucalyptus Oil and how it can impact you in everyday life below.

Kind to skin

Using a skin care product which contains Eucalyptus Oil can help to keep it nourished and hydrated, but if you suffer with specific skin conditions, the anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits can also help to reduce irritation. For example, if you suffer with facial and body acne, bathing in and washing with Eucalyptus Oil can help reduce the inflammation.

Relieves cough symptoms

If you’re suffering with an annoying cough or other respiratory infections, such as a sore throat, Eucalyptus Oil can help to ease the congestion. As an expectorant, it helps to decongest the sinuses and clears away the bad bacteria building up. You can either add a few drops of pure Eucalyptus Oil to hot water and breathe in the steam or place a little on your pillow to help you get a decent night’s sleep.

Decreases Stress

If you’re feeling low, tired and stressed out, the strong aroma of Eucalyptus Oil can help to stimulate the mind and body to help motivate you and relieve stress. Acting as a stimulant, inhaling the strong scent of Eucalyptus Oil can help to increase blood circulation to the brain, therefore increasing a better mood and boost of energy.

Builds Immunity

Having a strong immune system is something which can help to benefit many aspects of our lives. A good night’s sleep, healthy diet and exercise all help to maintain and build your immune system. If you’re struggling or need to try and boost your immune system, a study has revealed that Eucalyptus Oil can help to stimulate an immune response on the cellular level, helping to boost your overall immune system.

Eases Muscle Pain

After exercise or spending an entire day on your feet, products which contain Eucalyptus Oil can help to ease the pain and soothe aching muscles due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects within the oil. Eucalyptus Oil is also a natural vasodilator, which helps to stimulate blood towards the muscles.

That’s why we decided to combine Eucalyptus Oil with Dead Sea Salts within our Muscle Therapy range. The ingredients combine to soothe aches and pains, relax tired muscles, and detoxify and re-balance skin. Containing 21 different types of minerals vital for maintaining healthy skin, the entire range utilises the natural benefits of Eucalyptus Oil to help improve your overall health & well-being.

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