Dr SALTS+ brings the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom Salts into your bathroom!

Dr SALTS+ offers bath and shower products that are benefit led, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom Salts. Bathing in quality salts with the highest concentration of natural minerals helps the body, skin and muscles to replenish, stay healthy and soothe aching muscles post-exercise.

In March 2013, a new European Union (EU) law was fully implemented that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe. We are pleased to confirm that we comply to the law and do not test our products on animals, nor do we employ any third parties to do so as this would be breaking the law.




Dr SALTS+ was created and was the first brand in the market that combined 100% natural Dead Sea Salts with pure essential oils.


Dr SALTS+ gains distribution in some of the major health and beauty retailers and supermarkets in the UK and establishes itself as market leader.


Dr SALTS+ expands the range to include Bath and Shower Gels and Soaps to offer the complete therapeutic bathing experience.


Dr SALTS+ commissions its first print advertising campaign, targeting sport enthusiasts and promoting Muscle Therapy Bathing Salts as the winning formula for post sports recovery and reaches over 5.8 million people.

Dr SALTS+ launches a Muscle Therapy Salt Scrub & Soak to help deeply exfoliate the skin and relax aching muscles.


Dr SALTS+ launches Epsom Bath Salts. Originally discovered in 1618 in Epsom, Surrey, the pure magnesium sulphate salts help to alleviate aches and pains and draw out toxins.

Dr SALTS+ launches a Recharge and Stimulate Shower Gel that boosts circulation and energises the mind and body.


Dr SALTS+ adds new ranges to the bath salts collections, to provide customers with needs specific therapeutic bath salts to help soothe aching muscle, replenish skin and help rejuvenate the mind and body.

These are Epsom Post Work-Out Therapy with Black Pepper Bath Salts, Dead Sea Sleep Therapy with Lavender Bath Salts, Himalayan Detox Therapy with Lotus Flower Bath Salts and Dead Sea Muscle Therapy with Eucalyptus Bath Salts.